New Kid

by West & Run

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released August 27, 2013



all rights reserved


West & Run Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Track Name: Array
I lost my nerve. Caught up in the worst of views.
Yeah, it’s just a reason why I’m looking to stay around.
I can’t be too “maybe.” I changed that. Now, it’s in my lane.
I’m afraid. It’s too late. It’s nothing. In the lake of the sun, I will.
I envision words. I couldn’t even say, awake.
Turning lights in grey. I couldn’t count my veins.
Now, I’m reeling the worst from the love that I found.
I feel enough ‘cause I know now.
The highway North. I’ve been driving up the same unknown.
I see around. There’s just a limit to my lungs. I was leaving then.
Track Name: This Means Business
Love, I found my star. I just don’t know where to turn.
I run for you. It’s so soon.
Be careful where you are. It’s that you have it all but that honesty.
It’s funny how this means business to me.
In vacancy, I’d run.
Oh, my arms. It’s that word that unlocks.
I gave it up. Right on the spot.
I didn’t want bad holds to be on my best start.
And try the wrong way to say I want it all.
If I keep you warned. I collect my aim.
Just to keep you here.
It’s funny how this means business to me.
In vacancy, I’d run.
I miss those blue skies, darling.
Push me aside to those better weeks we had when I had no excuse.
Leave it on my back, conceited. Lucky without you.
I finished with the miles down to better news.
I want a no good cover act until I’m gone.
You’re the best at faking ’til you have no cause.
It’s the minute I step in. Always, I stumble.
Track Name: Weeknights
I miss a weekend. I sink in and I’m that “better off.” I’m losing. I strain.
I’m alright. I’m only losing my voice in the Fall time. You’re only pushing away. No, I stay up. I stay
I get lost in. I think I’m over it. Just cut the act now. What can we talk about?
I’ll fight. I swear there’s something about me. That’s all I can get when I’m left-right with every mistake that I forget.
I’m told to stay quiet. No, I stay up. I stay.
I’m caught. My weekend’s up. All I want is you to find me and figure why I can’t leave this late at night.
I really gotta go. It’s only seven. Working early just to make you mine.
Track Name: Where You Are, I'd Rather Be
I’m shaping up. I’m saying, I got a girl.
She spent all of my good luck.
I’m torn and I missed it. I feel a knot.
And now I’m on my own trying to reel.
Forget the drive. I don’t want to be counted out.
Where you are, I’d rather be.
When you’re not around, I mean it. I can’t give up.
I sink in and I wind.
I’m on to my one. If I get it back. If it’s what we want.
Forget the drive. I don’t want to be counted out.
I keep looking for a name that I’ve known.
It’s that feeling I can’t I beat when I’m low.
Those eyes in eighty-five that you stole.
It’s that feeling I can’t beat.
Track Name: Fast Enough
I watched the sun as I drove away. Kept alive in another haze.
When I touch, I’d rather feel a brand new amazement.
It’s all I can take back. It’s over soon and I’m ready to divine.
Have I evolved? I’m not asking hope to see. Maybe I’m not fast enough.
Have I evolved? I’m deciding when to speed. Maybe I’m not fast enough.
I miss my home out in Chase and everything I own. All the street signs that engrave the world that I’ve been looking for.
It was the last day when I moved down to see a different set of signs. It’s all I can take back.
It’s all I can take back. It’s not over. I should have kept my lost art. Now, the signals keep fraying.
The signals say I’m ready to divine.
I’m not sleeping so I can remember. It’s just to catch some of the fire.
It’s not over. I’m ready to divine.
Track Name: New Kid
I’m the new kid, locked out. Won’t quit ‘cause I’m in love again.
There’s a girl that walked in. Walked in my lens.
It’s a chase I run through. All I want is good news. So, you can realize.
I said “Please, just say you love that risk.”
Now I see, I’m the new kid you fixed.
I have my sunglasses on. Nervous ‘cause I’m amazed again.
I should just explain myself instead.
It’s a chase I‘m used to. All I want is good news. So you can realize.
I got that under-reacting. I missed my last dive. I’m forced to handle.
If I just cause the last dive. I’ll just sit out for the last time.
Track Name: Right Across The View
Midnight and it’s like eighty-six. I’m hardly content. I’m giving up around here and I’m gone.
I keep feeling lust. The Summer went by so fast. I hate looking over.
It’s dark cause I gave a lot of thought but I didn’t have the time to.
It’s all about money in a stolen space I view. It all ends soon.
The wrong eyes and I can’t be sick. Sitting right across the moon. I get rounded up in here and it’s my fault.
I keep feeling lust. The Summer went by so fast. I hate looking over. The morning when I feel dead.
I roll fate down and I just can’t hurry up.
Existent light in the chance I should cause.
At least if I’m gonna dance, I’ll taste the Summer now and how it went by so fast.
I keep looking over. The trees, the lake, the year, the life.. It’s open. It’s over.
Track Name: Give Up The Machine
Aligned. You’re missing feelings that can’t be stone.
In case, we connect. I might find a better hold.
I give and I take. Counted down to mistakes and I just don’t nowhere to look. It’s aligned .
Now, you give up the machine. You run in the lightning.
I cut around our strains and you drive it to waste.
I can’t handle much from early to dusk. That wire’s cut. I promised to move forward.
Then, I’ll recognize my self-pace. Someday, I’ll be right there corrected.
I give and I take. Counted down to mistakes and I just don’t nowhere to look.
I brake for what’s known. Like the Spring I called home. I just don’t know where to look. It’s aligned.
Only, I didn’t care as I grew dull and calm. I made my point too fast. I belong. Too fast.
You’re color. You can’t hold now but I’ll wait until we’re older. I’ll get back every second I threw out.
When I’m bound to wait.
Track Name: Alarm
I look away. There’s some things I can’t remember.
I stand right there by the open window. I can hardly forget it.
We’re stalling out in the meantime. It could be my fault.
I might stay ‘til the morning after. I get home. I’m all ready for work but only where I’m caught.
I know it’s sleep but don’t believe it. It’s taking me back to this.
I can’t commit. It’s something I’ve always wanted.
I stand right where I focused. I can hardly wait ’til I’m in the meantime. I could win.
I would stall. I couldn’t throw that away.
Taking a lie and a loss. It’s alarming what starts in the meantime.